With A Taste of Harmony beginning preparations for 2017, Icon remanences about the 2016 campaign.


A Taste of Harmony (ATOH) is a free national campaign with a call-to-action for workplaces to host lunch events that celebrate cultural diversity and encourage people to celebrate their heritage, share stories and learn something new about each other.

Supporting the creation of a cohesive Australian society, the Scanlon Foundation hosts this annual event to help diversity be recognised and valued, creating more inclusive workplaces around Australia.

Australia’s cultural diversity is one of our great strengths. Diversity in the workplace can have significant benefits for business, including increased productivity, better problem solving, greater innovation and insights into new markets overseas.

The campaign invites participants to register their workplace for an event and share food that represents their cultural heritage, which opens a door to conversations about families, traditions and travels.


Icon was charged with promoting awareness for ATOH and driving increased registrations.

Because the campaign coincides with other cultural diversity events, including Cultural Diversity Week hosted by the State Government, Harmony Day, a Federal Government event, and the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the challenge was to achieve a share of voice for ATOH among a week of similar events.

The second challenge was that social media was the sole online advertising platform for the campaign. With limited activity on Scanlon-owned platforms and no existing social media assets, Icon had to develop social media from scratch.


By building an engaged and influential online audience for ATOH, Icon helped drive traffic to the website and social media pages and spark discussion about benefits of workplace diversity and multiculturalism within workplaces, member organisations and the general public.

This included an online contest on the ATOH Facebook page. To host this contest, Icon created a variety of multi-media and user-generated content, and shared regular competition posts to drive engagement. The content was developed in-line with the broader campaign activity to ensure consistency across all touch points.

Icon also provided a new look and feel for the campaign and updated key collateral.

In order to engage potential sponsors and supporters, direct mail packs were distributed to key targets. The packs contained a themed ATOH gift box featuring spices from Spice Enterprise, an ATOH recipe and a letter of introduction from the Scanlon CEO.

At Icon’s recommendation, market research was commissioned with 50 CEOs of SME businesses. They were interviewed on the value of cultural diversity in their workplace and the processes they had in place to ensure cultural diversity in the workforce is supported.

Hero Ambassadors were engaged to help inspire ordinary Australians and organisations to take part in the event through demonstrating their passion for living in a multicultural country. These celebrities were leveraged to help inspire ordinary Australians and organisations to join the event through their credibility, influence and ability to capture an audience.

To mark the official start of the 2016 campaign, a launch event was attended by existing sponsors, supporters and the Hero Ambassadors, who were able to attend and give a first-hand account of their own unique story.

Three videos were developed, showcasing each of the Hero Ambassador’s personal stories and experiences with cultural diversity through food.


The 2016 campaign saw more than 5,000 work teams across Australia hold ATOH events during the week of 21 March to 27 March 2016.

Icon’s activity generated over 3,495,000 opportunities to see information about the campaign. Key coverage appeared on The Project, Triple M, 3AW, 2UE and 2GB, The Advertiser, Herald Sun and The West Australian.