A Taste of Harmony (ATOH) is a free national
campaign with a call-to-action for workplaces to host lunch events that celebrate cultural diversity and encourage people to celebrate their heritage, share their stories and learn something new about each other. 

In its eighth year, was brought onboard to increase event registrations by raising awareness of ATOH in 2016. was also tasked with increasing event attendance by positioning ATOH as a fun, free and meaningful event; sparking discussion about the benefits of workplace diversity and multiculturalism, member organisations and the general public and creating buzz and ‘talkability’ about ATOH among key target audiences.


The 2016 ATOH campaign presented two key
challenges – the first being a clear incentive to get involved. While the previous years’ campaigns had a great objective, there needed to be more benefit to host a lunch. 

The second challenge was that social media was acting as the sole online advertising platform for the campaign. With limited activity on Scanlon owned platforms and no existing social media assets, had to develop social media from scratch.

A Taste of Harmony


To address the need for incentive and social media
assets, developed and executed an online contest on the ATOH Facebook page. To host this contest, created a variety of multi-media and user-generated content, and shared regular competition posts to drive engagement. The content was created from scratch and was developed in-line with the broader campaign activity to ensure consistency across all touch points.


The 2016 campaign saw more than 5,000 work
teams across Australia hold A Taste of Harmony events during the week of 21 March – 27 March 2016. 

Overall,’s ATOH activity generated over 3,495,197 opportunities to see information about the campaign. Key coverage appeared on The Project, Triple M, 3AW, 2UE and 2GB, The Advertiser, Herald Sun and The West Australian